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ANISN (National Association of Natural Science Teachers) is a no-profit association active in Science Education since 1979.

 It is an organization for teachers training and students’ enhancement of excellence recognized by the Ministry of Education (DM. 177/00 art. 4 – Dir. n° 90/03 art. 6 ; D.M. 28/7/2008).

It consists of:

2000 members: science teachers (all kind of schools), scientists,

researchers in science education

  • 28 Sections in all Italian regions, schools and teachers networks

  • specific working groups for different activities

 It has a national web site ( ) and Sections’ web sites.

 The aim of the Association is to promote pedagogic-didactic initiatives for improving Natural Sciences teaching and promote naturalistic and scientific culture according to present society needs.

 ANISN’s action is particularly devoted:

  1. to elaborate cultural, didactic, educational, formative suggestions for teachers and all citizens;

  2. to support and improve teachers profession, collaborating with Institutions and Agencies devoted to education, training and updating;

  3. to support and co-ordinate exchanges and collaborations between teachers, by meetings, updating courses, excursions etc.;

  4. to plan and organize, autonomously or collaborating with Institutions and Agencies, formative activities in health and environmental education.


National activities:

  • participation to teachers training national projects on education led by the Ministry of Education (SeT, Plan ISS, PON Science)
  • Natural Sciences Olympiad for middle and high schools students

  • Specific annual and multi-annual Projects

  • Summer schools, workshops, conferences


International activities:

  • participation in European Projects : Edu-Geo, Volvox, Evolution MegaLab,
  • Science on Stage, and Fibonacci Project
  • International Biology Olympiad – IBO
  • International Earth Science Olympiad – IESO
  • Permanent collaborations ( ELLS – European Molecular Biology Laboratory;

European Teachers Associations)‏


Parma Section of ANISN is a local Section in Emilia Romagna Region. Its activities consist in: teacher training courses, conferences, workshops in collaboration with schools, universities, scientific institutions, museum and local authorities

Parma Section of ANISN is a partner in SEEDS project and its role concerns the dissemination activity: project activities, results and outputs will be made available to all teachers, belonging to the association and working in Parma. Furthermore, ANISN representatives will provide support in the definition of experimental outputs and plans.


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"ANISN - sezione di Parma"
Barbara Scapellato, Presidente,
Maurizio Artoni, Tesoriere,