Ayto  de Alhendin Commenti disabilitati su Ayto de Alhendin

Ayto de Alhendin

   presentation per Comenius   contact Pilar Lorente Comune di Alhendín Medioambiente@alhendin.org  ____________________________________  María Teresa Baca García Dra. Ciencias Químicas mtbaca@gmail.com Apdo...

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Parque de las sciencias Commenti disabilitati su Parque de las sciencias

Parque de las sciencias

    contact Conrada Lopez Hidalgo Education Activities Manager consorcio parque de las ciencias conrada@parqueciencias.com www.parqueciencias.com  ...

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… the need for education continues to increase, as well as pollution, resource depletion and the dangers of ecological catastrophe. If higher education is to save us, will only be an education of a...

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School’s Design, Experimentation and validation Commenti disabilitati su School’s Design, Experimentation and validation

School’s Design, Experimentation and validation

This phase will see definition, experimentation and validation of a common kit resulting from the integration of experiences and projects documented, visited. Etc during the first year. Small experimentation...

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