ANISN di Parma Commenti disabilitati su ANISN di Parma

ANISN di Parma

    ANISN (National Association of Natural Science Teachers) is a no-profit association active in Science Education since 1979.  It is an organization for teachers training and students’ enhancement of...

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Googol Commenti disabilitati su Googol


  Googol is a non-profit association, established in Parma in 1998. It was originally composed of five physicists from the Department of Physics of the University of Parma. Today it is composed of a group of...

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IS Paciolo-D’Annunzio di Fidenza Commenti disabilitati su IS Paciolo-D’Annunzio di Fidenza

IS Paciolo-D’Annunzio di Fidenza

The Institute of  Higher Secondary Education ” Paciolo – D’Annunzio ” is located in Fidenza, a small town near Parma, in Emilia Romagna. It offers a new educational  system capable of...

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… the need for education continues to increase, as well as pollution, resource depletion and the dangers of ecological catastrophe. If higher education is to save us, will only be an education of a...

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Liceo G. Marconi di Parma Commenti disabilitati su Liceo G. Marconi di Parma

Liceo G. Marconi di Parma

   Liceo Scientifico “Guglielmo Marconi” of Parma, named after the great scientist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, was established in 1923 as a consequence of the “Riforma Gentile” in order to...

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