School’s Design, Experimentation and validation


This phase will see definition, experimentation and validation of a common kit resulting from the integration of experiences and projects documented, visited. Etc during the first year. Small experimentation will be implemented in cooperation with partners school and it will be closed by a final validation based on evaluation of the experimentation, a final step representing basis for project’s conclusions. Experimentation path will be strengthened by the organization of job-shadowing for teachers . Small group of teachers will be hosted in the partner country in order to follow work of colleagues for short period. This activity will produce following outcomes: 1 didactical kit 2 experimental plans ( 1 for Italian schools ; 1 for Spanish schools) defining implementation of the didactical kit in each partner region 2 job shadowing session (1 in Italy, 1 in Spain): local schools and their teachers will host partners in the context of their daily didactic activity; 2 evaluation reports (1 for Italy; 1 for Spain) 1 seminar with presentation of final results ( in the context of last transnational project meeting) This activity is expected to produce increase in teachers’ skills and competencies as well as to increase students’ interest towards scientific subjects and themes.

design in the school

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