Exchange and Documentation:the community of practice


On the basis of a shared view of the themes addressed by the project, especially about the concept of environmental ethics, this activity will be aimed at creating a common, shared and relevant amount of documentation enabling partners in the implementation of the further activity (design, experimentation and validation of a didactical kit) .

In order to reach this operational objective, this activitywill provide for three different sub-actions, all during the first year of the project: Exchange of documents trough ICT tools. This exchange will be aimed at reciprocally providing information about local approaches and experiences in the field addressed by the project. Organization of study visits: at least one time during the project lifespan, study visits will be organized in order to have a closer contact with investigated experiences.

The aim is to support a deeper knowledge of other educational systems, approaches and projects implemented in the involved countries. These visits could be organized in the context of transnational project meetings. Organization of job-shadowing for teachers .

Small group of teachers will be hosted in the partner country in order to follow work of colleagues for short period. This activity will then produce following outcomes: 2 review of best practices in the field of science education and environmental education trough “hand on” activities; 2 Study visits (organized in the context of planned transnational meetings) : 1 in Italy and 1 in Spain The expected result from this activity is the acquisition of mutual knowledge about existing practices.

Experiences and projects

the community of practice