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We’ve been committed with youth’s Education and Training in Alhendín since 2002



I.E.S. Alhendín is a medium-sized High School with good equipment. Our staff is highly experienced in learning, with implication and high compromise with education and its quality.


Our High School was born in 2002 with the basic idea that it would be a social service in Alhendín, focusing its main objective in our students and in the development of their educational process. Since that moment the attendance of our students’ learning necessities has been our goal.



Educational Offer


Secondary School: 1st to 4th of ESO. (12 – 16 years old)

Special Necessities Program: 3rd and 4ºth of ESO. (14 – 16 years old)

Bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Technology. (16 – 18 years old)

Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. (16 – 18 years old)



Educational Programs


Bilingual Program (English): Learning foreign languages is basic nowadays, specially learning English. I.E.S. Alhendín has been a bilingual School since 2008/2009 school year. The bilingual program is integrated both in Secondary and Bachelor education with continuity and coherence.



I.C.T. School: Our compromise with I.C.T. aims us to integrate the use of technology in our school, providing laptops to our students to be used during the lessons. We also have digital boards and video-projectors in the classrooms. Apart from that, we have implemented a Virtual Space where students and teachers can share and exchange educational contents.



Reading Project: Through our Library, our school promotes reading habits. The library is considered an educational tool and a suitable room to meet writers, reading forum and other cultural activities supervised by our staff.



Promotion of Healthy Living Habits: Every year we collaborate with several initiatives to promote a better and healthier way of living in our students: “Youth Ways”, “Give up smoking!” y “Prevent to Live”. According with this objective, our school collaborates with the Health Service in Alhendín and Armilla.


Professional Training: Our students have the opportunity to know where to continue their education by visiting the main Universities and Enterprises in our county. This program includes meetings with active professionals and orientation teams.



School Orchard: Our first level students collaborate in the management and care of an Ecological School Orchard, searching for the responsibility of its management and maintenance.



Complementary Activities: Every year our staff prepares a list of activities to develop the learning process through different experiences that make subjects more attractive and increase students’ interest.



Family Support: Our students can join the Lunch Service of the Primary School “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús”, in our village.





Our School has got the most suitable facilities to carry out the learning process. Every classroom has got a video-projector, TV, computers and DVD players. Many of them have also a Digital Board, with full Wi-Fi connectivity.


We have specific rooms for Music and Art Education, a Workshop of Applied Technology and a Laboratory of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The school is also provided with a wide indoor Gym and an outdoors multi-sport yard.



Apart from the facilities, the Council of Alhendín provides us the use of the Theatre and the Sports Pavilion and Sports Centre(opposite our School) for complementary activities and competitions.







I.E.S. Alhendín. C/ Real s.n. Alhendín. C.P. 18620. Granada

Phone: 958 893900 Fax: 958 893905



Fathers and Mothers Association AMAPALH.



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IES Alhendín

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IES Alhendín


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