IS Paciolo-D’Annunzio di Fidenza

logo_paciolo-dannunzioThe Institute of  Higher Secondary Education ” Paciolo – D’Annunzio ” is located in Fidenza, a small town near Parma, in Emilia Romagna. It offers a new educational  system capable of responding in a structured and flexible way to the professional and cultural needs of the surrounding reality, aware of the differences that characterize it and in search for integration of its planning skills.

Paciolo-D’Annunzio has two sections :

– the “Liceo” section with three courses with an emphasis on Humanities (Classico), on Maths and Science (Scientifico), on languages (Linguistico);

– the technical section , with an emphasis on technical design and accountancy


It was named after the humanist Luca Pacioli from Borgo San Sepolcro, as a ideal synthesis of  the balanced articulation of our educational offer addressed to the  territory : a proposal aiming at harmonizing the legal-administrative technique ,

the  analysis of the town needs  and the awareness of the complexity of the surrounding environment , in favour of  a harmonious, global and cultural development of the person.

The image chosen as a logo of the Institute of Higher Education Paciolo –

D’Annunzio is the graphic processing of a carved detail on the front of Fidenza


The tile, which is dedicated to the Nativity  on the left side of the main portal, is dominated

by a star that, like a radiant sun , represents , for the observer, an indication of the way to follow towards salvation , elective picture also for a community. The image of the star, iconographic synthesis of rigour in execution and rich in symbolic value, recalls not only the theme of research as a path oriented to the achievement of a common and shared goal, but also the awareness that we can  accept and make  culture as central and essential as an engine and an agent of development.



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