Itas Bocchialini di Parma


The Agricultural Technical Institute in Parma, active since 1988, is entitled to Fabio Bocchialini , a distinguished agronomist Parma .
From its inception has grown steadily asserting its presence on the territory, and has become the school of reference for the agricultural sector , agro-industry and environmental throughout the city , promoting activities and meetings for teachers to upgrade technicians, with activities local authorities, relationships with schools of Parma , adult education …
Education for sustainability is one of the guidelines of our programming is an integral part of the disciplines of teaching is through cross-disciplinary projects implemented regularly during the school years.
The training offered dell’ITAS ” Bocchialini ” includes a course on ” Agriculture , agribusiness and agro-industry ” , with 3 different joints :
Environment and land management
Production and processing
Viticulture and Enology
Since 2010 we are home of the ‘ Technical Institute address agro-food for the region of Emilia – Romagna



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