Liceo G. Marconi di Parma


 Liceo Scientifico “Guglielmo Marconi” of Parma, named after the great scientist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, was established in 1923 as a consequence of the “Riforma Gentile” in order to “develop and deepen the education of youngsters who aspire to undertake academic studies in Science and Medicine Faculties, with particular attention to scientific culture (Ref. Gentile, Art. 60)”. The long tradition of our Liceo has been kept alive thanks to a continuous experimentation and innovation in the organization of courses, teaching and contents. Currently, the school offers the following specializations: the Liceo Scientifico, the Liceo delle Scienze Applicate and the options related to school autonomy, Computer Science and Bilingual. The latter comprehends the further option ESABAC which gives the student the opportunity to enroll in French Universities.
Then there is the Liceo Linguistico, also with the option ESABAC.
The title earned in any specialization allows access to all Italian universities.
Our school aims to give students an intercultural dimension through the scientific accuracy of the organization of knowledge. In particular, the technological equipment of laboratories (physics, chemistry, computer science and language) allows a didactic approach set to the experimental method. This facilitates the integration of skills and knowledge necessary to understand the links between society, culture and language and to interpret the complexity of the contemporary world .
Liceo Scientifico Marconi strongly fosters  ​​among students the values of legality, citizenship and environmental sustainability and for that is committed to developing a number of curricular and extracurricular projects in collaboration with institutions and people operating in the territory and through exchanges and activities at national and international level. 


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