Coordination, management and comunication

Coordination, management and comunication

Provincia di Parma will be the general coordinator and, as already mentioned, it will be responsible for overall reporting and monitoring of the project. In doing this, Province of Parma will be supported by local steering committees that will be created in both regions, composed of, at least, one contact person for each involved institution.
Management and internal communication will be implemented through many channels and media.
At local level, steering committee will meet regularly (at least, every two months) and monitoring regular project implementation and to define possible corrective actions. It will be fundamental to have regular connection between two committees and to have similar agenda so to have comparable data at the same time.

Communication between two committees will take place in three different ways:
traditional exchange of email, Skype conferences between contact persons (at least ten during the whole project lifespan), specific sessions scheduled in the agenda of all transnational meetings so to give partners the opportunity for face-to-face exchange. Apart for communication for management purposes, it will be fundamental to create virtual spaces for communication between teachers and other project actors so to give a real content to the exchange of best practices representing basis for experimental phase. In order to ensure that, a project repository will be created and all project actors, through an authentication procedure, they will be able to comment and provide feedback about published best practices.

This activity will last for the whole project’s life and it will be aimed at effective and efficient management of the project from both financial and operational point of view. This project activity will be carried out through periodic meetings (local and international) and trough online collaborative activities aimed at exchanging information about project’s implementation, at monitoring project’s progress, at evaluating possible corrective actions and at producing reporting documents to be submitted to funding agencies (LLP national agencies).

Outcomes of this activity: 4 coordination meetings held in the context of planned transnational meetings ; 2 project reports (1 interim and 1 final); 10 skype meetings.

Expected result for this activity is sound management of the project that means keeping it in line with original plans and, eventually, identifying corrective actions.


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