… the need for education continues to increase,
as well as pollution, resource depletion and the dangers of ecological catastrophe.
If higher education is to save us,
will only be an education of a different kind:
an education that will lead us into the depth of things …

E.F. Schumacher


INFEAS (Information and Education for Sustainability) is the network that connects all those who work on the topic of the environment and sustainability in Emilia-Romagna.
Objective? Contribute to the formation of citizens aware and responsible
Tools? international guidelines, papers and in Emilia Romagna Read LR15/96 and LR 29/09 first regional laws on environmental education in Italy.


Among the first in Italy, in 2001 , the Provincial Administration of Parma established within the Environment Department , the Office of Environmental Education , whose role is to :
 Design, in synergy with the territory;
 Inform and promote what is being done in the area;
 Form , on the basis of specific requests by promoting training courses for teachers and professionals ;
 Share ideas, projects and actions

The world infeas is formed by :
The C.E.A.S. centers of education for sustainability ( recognized by the Emilia Romagna region . Their function is in general to be concerned with the design and realization of training / programs / educational projects for schools and citizens , not to mention the training and communication),
Schools , local authorities and agencies ( including universities) with their institutional role and finally the “resources for education for sustainability ,” meaning by this term all those public and private facilities that provide services and collaboration system INFEAS same .



Ufficio educazione Educazione Ambientale Provincia di Parma

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