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Eco cep

Aim at a change in attitude to solve the environmental problems is quite difficult, or rather impossible, if we take into account that we are addressing a sector of adult population who are used to their own lifestyle and beliefs, whose only perspective towards the environment is one of exploitation of endless resources. It is much more feasible to try to influence younger subjects up to adolescence, who are more open to change.  

If environmental education must be an essential pillar upon which the curriculum must be based in order to make an effective change in the holistic socialisation of our students, then the responsibility of the Teacher Training Center (CEP) is to become a role model for schools and other educative institutions. Apart from the official and extra-official formative activities that we offer teachers throughout the course, our institution will implement some measures which will contribute to the sustainability of facilities and resources. 

Apart from the moral duty as professionals in education, the convergence of several factors at the beginning of 2014 requires the start-up of the following plan:

  • Publication of the new regulations for teacher training in the Comunidad Autónoma Andaluza (DECRETO 93/2013 de 27 de agosto), setting a different orientation and the obligation of creating the Proyecto de Centro of Granada Teacher Training Centre (CEP Granada)

  • There is a new director in Granada Teacher Training Centre, who has incorporated the creation of the ECOCEP in his project.

  • There is a renovation of nearly 50% in the team of consultants.


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