The context


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Province of Parma is a territorial area located in the PO valley, in the context of the Emilia-Romagna region. It has more than 450.000 inhabitants living in 47 municipalities located here. Food production and its related productive fields (machinery for food-processing, logistics, etc) is the main economical vocation of the area. Quality of life is one of the highest in Italy and educational services are one of the reasons for that. The overall educational system counts for 53 public schools: 32 comprehensive institutes (from preschool to lower secondary education; 18 upper secondary schools; 1 lower secondary school and 2 Didactic Directorates, providing only for primary education. Besides that, care and educational provincial system including 277 centers hosting pupils from 0 to 3 years and 415 sections in preschools hosting pupils from 3 to 6 years.

All these institutions contribute to a local educational level, which is ranked amongst the first in Italy for its quality. However, this system is facing some challenges linked to recent migration and to economical crisis. Number of students with migrant background is increasing and it has reached almost 15% of the overall school population, with relevant percentage in preschools and in primary school.

In this educational context, Provincia di Parma have been very active in the promotion of scientific knowledge and, replying to recommendations coming from EU institution, it has been very active in fostering interest of students, employers, schools towards scientific and technical careers in a economical sector where food and beverage engineering and pharmaceutical are sectors more and more important and requiring for highly specialized workers. On the other hand, making attractive science subjects is possible if they are transmitted trough particular themes o procedures and even in this case Provincia di Parma is active since it is part of regional network which has been built in order to sustain environmental and sustainability education in all schools. Being in part of this network and being in charge of coordinating actions at provincial level, Provincia di Parma is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and supporting environmental education projects in all schools. Current project proposal it’s a way to valorize both these experiences and expertise, joining them in a unique and coherent path which has a double goal: developing new environmental ethics and supporting interest towards scientific subjects in students from upper secondary schools


Alhambra de Granada - España
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Granada is in the South of Spain, facing the Mediterranean Sea and just on the slope of Sierra Nevada mountains. The population of all the province is 924.550 inhabitants. The capital of the province is Granada, but the province is divided into regions. The one that the project is going to study is called “Vega de Granada”, or GranadaValley, with some 40 towns and 536.000 inhabitants.

A main character of this valley is GenilRiver with its afluents, which make the land very fertile.

There’s lately a strong movement trying to recover the historic value of this region, enhancing traditional agriculture, organic products and highly effective techniques. All these efforts have materialized in a demand from the farming associations trying to make the “Vega” being recognised with cultural interest.

Nevertheless, and partly caused by the intensive agricultural practices carried out in the last decades, organic matter content in the land has been reduced, making some of it unable for production.

This is a strong reason to start this Project, involving schools, so that all the population of the region feels the need to collect biowaste properly at the home level. Then, a cyclic management of this waste could be possible, getting to be a historical, social, environmental and economic objective.