Liceo A. Bertolucci di Parma


Who was Attilio Bertolucci?

Attilio Bertolucci was born on the 18 of November 1911 in Parma. He studied at Bologna University. At the age of 18 he published his first poems ‘Sirio’. In 1939 he founded ‘The Phoenix’, the first Italian publication of foreign poems. In the following years he worked as a journalist, and translator. He died on 14th June 2000 in Rome. You may wonder why a scientific high school is named after a poet. There are two reasons:the first one is because he is a contemporary artist who reflects the innovative spirit of this school; the second reason is because he is a poet and a good scientist must be an educated humanist ,too.


The school 

Introduction Bertolucci’s School for Maths and Science, is a new, State school which started in September 2007. In the school year 2010-2011 it included a musical section and became the first Secondary School of Music in the region. The school building, which is very new,  is located near the town centre,  next  to three other secondary technical and vocational schools.

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Educational Vision The aim of the school is to fulfill the potential of each individual student and to do so in a safe and caring environment that aims at the highest international standards. Its aim is to develop the individual talents of young people and teach them to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the world outside. Strong emphasis is placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship, to the end that pupils may become critical and compassionate thinkers, lifelong learners and informed participants in local and world affairs, conscious of the shared humanity that binds all people together while respecting the variety of cultures and attitudes that makes for the richness of life


The school’s curriculum is distinguished by:

-Science, Maths, and Physics focus-Emphasis  in intellectual skills (e.g. Philosophy, Literature, Arts and History) -Commitment to interdisciplinary learning
-English as a foreign language

Students learn how to use multimedia to communicate and become effective learners (each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard).

Subjects  The aim of the school is to provide to its students a general cultural background, which will be fundamental to face up university.

This is the subjects list:

-Italian language and literature

-Latin language and literature


-History of art

-English language and literature



-Science, biology and geography


-Physical education

-Religion (optional)

 School Timetable Lessons from Monday to Saturday, with curricular hours of 60 minutes.

There are no afternoon lessons.

 Electronic register: The school is equipped with an electronic register, with automatic management of presences (every student has his personal badge). Parents can access into the site to control their children and see marks, communications, etc.

Extra curricular projects

They are made for: 

development and expression of individual creativity of students 

acquisition of useful skills for the job world 


The school, in line with its educational policy has activated a lot of technological courses:

SCHOOL MAGAZINE (It contains everything the about school news. It is written by a editorial of journalist-students) 

RADIO pod cast ( A online radio in the school website, where students can upload little audio files. Usually they are abstracts of schools magazine articles) 

YEARBOOK (It contains everything is happened the past year) 

SCHOOL BLOG (The articles written by school editorial which don’t find place into the magazine are published here:

FACEBOOK SPACE ( Another way to keep in contact with students world and develop news and ideas:

WEB DESIGN (An afternoon course, which is finalized to learn how to build websites) 

COLLABORATION WITH ‘GAZZETTA DI PARMA’ (Every week, the best article written by the editorial is published into the ‘GAZZETTA DI PARMA’ website, thanks to a collaboration with the school)


  • CITIEZENSHIP & CONSTITUTION ( A new subject, introduced into the curricular hours to promote the learning of constitutional principles and modern policy) 

  • EDUC PROJECT: (It is finalized to promote the education of: citizenship, human rights and peace) 

  • COLASANTI – LOPEZ PROJECT: ( The aim is to build a short video which describe how students see the situation of women nowadays; it has to emphasize discriminations and inequalities which often happened)


  • ISS plan: Teach Experimental Sciences 

Bertolucci’s School coordinates the formation of teachers in Parma’s district, to support laboratory activities and develop the scientific-technologic culture. It is in collaboration with Parma’s University. 


This project is carried out with the collaboration of Parma University, and it is finalized to the creation of scientific museum directory, which can be used by other schools.

Music School 

Bertolucci’s has also a music college attended by students who want to become professional musicians. 

They study compulsory subjects and also:

  • a range of instruments

  • Musical and interpretation

  • Theory, analysis and composition

  • History of music

  • Music labs

  • Music technologies

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